Yema Style Racing Black Leather Watch Strap - Two Stitch Straps
Yema Style Racing Black Leather Watch Strap
Yema Style Racing Black Leather Watch Strap - Two Stitch Straps
Yema Style Racing Black Leather Watch Strap - Two Stitch Straps
Yema Style Racing Black Leather Watch Strap
Yema Style Racing Black Leather Watch Strap - Two Stitch Straps

Yema Style Racing Black Leather Watch Strap

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Size 18mm
Quick release spring bars No
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Yema, a French watch manufacturer, produced several popular chronograph models during the 60s and 70s: Rallye, Rallygraf, Yachtingraf. The first two originally came on a leather strap with special square shaped holes which is impossible to find today. We went a step further and took precise measurements of an original strap from that time (that came with one of these watches) and produced a faithful reinterpretation using high quality leather. 

Our Yema Style Racing Black Leather Watch Strap is handmade out of high quality Italian stamped calf leather by true watch enthusiasts. It is inspired by the racing straps commonly used with popular Yema chronographs of the late 60s and early 70s. Even though this design is associated with Yema watches, this strap pairs fantastically with a wide range of vintage and vintage inspired chronographs.

Our intention was to create a robust and durable strap which will develop a beautiful patina over time, and only get better with age. Only traditional manufacturing methods were used along with natural tannins and wax. Each strap is unique and small variances may occur as a normal part of the handmade manufacturing process.

Custom stitching color, size and length are available on request. Contact us at:

Please note: Our products are completely handmade in a time consuming process. Each strap is made to order, so there is a lead time of 10 business days.

Size: 18/16mm; 19/16mm; 20/16mm; 21/18mm; 22/18mm; (lug/buckle)
Length: Regular 120/80mm; Short 110/70mm
Thickness: 2.8mm
Buckle: Stainless steel, brushed/polished

Do you like this strap, but want to customize it to your preferences? For custom lengths, sizes, and stitching options, please click the chat button in the bottom right corner to contact us. We can create a strap that's perfect for you!

Highest quality italian leather

All of our straps are handcrafted using the finest quality Italian calf or shell cordovan leather, known for their exceptional durability, suppleness, and aesthetic appeal. As our straps age, they develop a distinct patina that adds to their character and charm.

Leather skiving

The skiving process results in a refined and streamlined product by reducing the thickness of the leather. This enables the leather to bend and flex more easily, making the strap more comfortable to wear.

Stitching done by hand

Our straps are stitched entirely by hand, adding a personal touch and creating a truly unique product. The careful stitching ensures that the strap is not only secure, but also enhances the strap's visual appeal.

Smooth and polished painted edges

We utilize a meticulous multi-step process to finish our edges. Each edge is carefully sanded and coated by hand with multiple layers of edge paint, resulting in a smooth and polished finish that enhances the overall look and feel of the strap.

Quick release spring bars

We offer the option of including quick release spring bars with your strap, making it easy to change without requiring any special tools or expertise. These spring bars are designed for convenience and efficiency, providing a hassle-free solution for swapping out your strap.

Premium signature buckle

Our signature buckles are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity. Everything from the buckle pin to the body is crafted from solid steel (not folded steel). We offer the option of choosing between a brushed or polished finish, allowing you to select the perfect pairing for your watch.

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