How to determine a perfect size for your strap

Accurately measuring your watch strap is crucial to ensure it fits you comfortably. At Two Stitch Straps, we prioritize creating custom straps that perfectly suit our clients' needs.

We offer our straps in three main lengths:

Short (110/70mm) - fits a wrist of approximately 15 - 16.5 cm (6" - 6 1/2")

Medium (115/75mm) - fits a wrist of approximately 16.5 - 18 cm (6 1/2" - 7")

Regular (120/80mm) - fits a wrist of approximately 18 - 20 cm (7" - 7 3/4")

These three sizes usually work for most people, but of course, some cases may require a specific length.

There are a couple of methods to find the best fit for you.

Method 1: Measure the length of an old strap that you know fits you well (it doesn't have to be a leather strap). Measure the length of both the long and short pieces of the strap. When measuring the shorter piece of the strap, it is important to exclude the buckle's length. Once you know the length of both pieces, you can check whether they fit within our two main lengths. The sum of the lengths is also an important factor. For example, if your strap is 110/90mm, our regular length should work for you since the sum of the lengths is also 200mm.

How to determine a perfect size for your strap - Two Stitch Straps

Method 2: If you have a tape measure, wrap it around your wrist where you usually wear your watch. Make sure it's comfortable and not too tight. This measurement will determine your wrist size, and we will know which length would work best for you. If you don't have a tape measure at hand, you can use a thread or a shoelace. Wrap it around your wrist as mentioned before, remember where the meeting point is, lay it flat, and measure it with a regular ruler.

If you need any help choosing the right length for you, feel free to send us a message. Otherwise, all you need to do is add a note to your cart with your preferred length, and we will make a strap that fits you perfectly!