Quality Policy

We started as a small group of enthusiasts specializing in various fields (marketing, watch industry, leather product manufacturing). At one point, we decided to combine our professional knowledge with our hobby and take it to a higher level. Through continuous improvement and learning, we have reached a level where we can offer our products very competitively to customers all over the world, both individuals and reputable clients from the watch industry.

We are proud to make our products with great care and with a significant amount of manual labor. The production process of our watch straps and accompanying products is time-consuming, approached with great attention to detail and dedication. Using traditional manufacturing methods, our products are made to last. Furthermore, they are designed to become even better over time. Our mission is to offer watch straps and related products of the highest quality.

In order to improve the quality of our products, we have established, implemented, and continuously improved a modern quality management system in accordance with modern international standards, which includes:

  •  Compliance with all relevant regulations related to the company's operations;
  •  Continuous effort to discover and satisfy the needs and expectations of customers in order to meet their satisfaction;
  • Fulfillment of obligations and problem solving with regard to the impact of each activity in a series of processes on desired results. Understanding and managing activities as processes, as "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link";
  • Understanding, respecting, and using the interrelationships of different processes, i.e. a systemic approach to more efficiently and effectively achieving objectives;
  • Conscious and continuous work on improving the quality of products;
  • Decision-making based on facts, as quality decisions can only be made based on concrete data and reliable information;
  • Building mutually beneficial, partnership relationships with suppliers, as long-term success cannot be achieved without successful and reliable business partners.
  • Ethical and responsible conduct in all business opportunities and towards employees;
  • The obligation of management to determine business objectives that support the above commitment, and to ensure such an internal environment in which employees can fully participate in achieving the company's business objectives;
  • Involving all employees in achieving the company's goals and caring for their health and safety;
  • Establishing and implementing sustainable business practices, especially with regard to the impact on the environment.
  • Continuously raising the product quality culture