The Majestic Shell Cordovan

We love leather and working with it. It is one of the oldest crafting materials, it’s natural, and becomes more beautiful with age if used and treated properly.

There are a lot of great leathers. For example, the calf leather used at Two Stitch Straps comes from Italy and it is made using traditional methods, and natural tannins.

If we had to pick a favorite kind of leather though, it would have to be the majestic Shell Cordovan. It’s made by only a handful of manufacturers in the world, which makes it very rare and hard to obtain.

Full-Stitch Black Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap

We source it from Italy, where they use an antique method of pure vegetable tanning. It is made in a slow production process (up to six months), with dozens of hand workings which are essential to achieve the specific characteristics of this leather.

Full-Stitch Whiskey Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap

Because of its dense structure, it’s extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. It doesn’t crease like other leathers, and it is more resistant to humidity.

Full-Stitch Burgundy Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap

Shell Cordovan has a rich color and a beautiful subtle sheen. Watch straps made out of Shell Cordovan will provide your watch an exclusive and unique look, and make it stand out. Over time they will age very well, and develop an even deeper color.

Full-Stitch Dark Brown Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap

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