Cross-Stitch Leather Racing Coffee Numbered Edition Watch Strap
Cross-Stitch Leather Racing Coffee watch strap on Omega Speedmaster
Cross-Stitch Leather Racing Coffee watch strap on Omega Speedmaster

Cross-Stitch Racing Coffee Leather Watch Strap


Handmade out of the highest quality calf leather by true watch enthusiasts, this strap is a perfect fit for any vintage or vintage style chronograph watch. This racing strap draws inspiration from cool chronograph watches and straps from the '60s and '70s seen on the wrists of many racing legends.

It is made out of beautiful, slightly distressed, coffee colored leather, with tan colored keepers providing a nice contrast. Only 10 pieces are made, and each one is numbered.

Solely traditional manufacturing methods were used along with natural tannins and wax. With proper care Cross-Stitch Leather strap will serve you for years to come and even get better with age. Please note that each strap is unique and small variances from the product pictured above may occur as a normal part of the handmade manufacturing process.

Length: 120/80 mm
Available in: 20/18 mm; (lug/buckle)
Buckle: Stainless steel, polished.

Custom work


If you need a special strap width, length or perhaps a different stitch colour, we can do a custom strap for you. You can send all your inquiries and orders to:

Besides the standard strap models available in our store we do a lot of complex work including straps for folding clasps (Omega, Chopard, Cartier, Breitling), integrated lugs (Tudor North Flag), and more.


Yema, a French watch manufacturer, produced several popular chronograph models during the 1960's and 1970's: Rallye, Rallygraf, Yachtingraf. The first two originally came on a tan leather strap with special square shaped holes which is impossible to find today. We produced a Yema Rallye strap using the exact same dimensions of the original.



We went even further and produced Yema inspired straps in different colours and leather types that look great on any vintage chronograph with a similar design (Heuer, Enicar, Kelek, Bulova, and others).