Heuer Custom Straps

Heuer is a brand most recognizable by its chronograph watches, the most famous being the Autavia, Carrera and Monaco.

These watches look great on a variety of vintage style leather straps, but arguably the perfect strap for them is a vintage inspired racing leather strap.

Heuer Monaco Chronograph leather strap

We went a step further and took precise measurements of an old original strap that came from a Monaco, and created a faithful replica using high quality leather. Therefore, you don’t have to go any further looking for a NOS Heuer strap to make your watch complete, as you can have a completely new leather strap with the exact same dimensions and look.

Besides that, we also introduced some new colors and styles for added variety, so feel free to send all your inquiries and orders to: info@twostitchstraps.com

Heuer Monaco Chronograph leather strap